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The Standing Birdcage

Rock Music Theatre

11/24/05 11:42 pm - eastontracks - TOMORROW NIGHT


11/20/05 08:32 pm - waltz_two_three - Beautiful is such an ugly word, i blame the "i"

Cellar Door; a $1 show*
Saturday, November 26th

proceeds to benefit us
(we need a new p.a. ours grew legs and ran )

8:30-the redliners
9:15-wagner stevens; the merman
10:00-!A Fatal Denial!

short show, big show, AFD back for this weekend. last show for a while, its getting a bit cold out. Enjoy your winter, maybe there will be a e-club show in mid december. that's all for questions now. i've felt so photophilous lately,

good night sweethearts, ill keep the lamps lit.

11/11/05 11:22 pm - waltz_two_three - Xenodocheionology: the love of hotels/ inns

the telephone's out of cigarettes: a free show*
saturday, november 19

*free w/gallice word
$1 w/o

5:30 - The Pipe Factory
6:15 - Kiss
7:00 -Cabbages and Kings
(free coffee/tea/and a place to sit and enjoy the music, available from 7-8ish)
8:30 - Disguise, Disguise
9:15 - The Guava Players
10:00 - Sailing The Downpour

flier soon, the web site was murdered, hopefully it will come back,
with a subrident, nictitate, and a halch
hodmandod (austin)

11/5/05 11:09 am - waltz_two_three - Veronia Piper sat sadly at the pinfold, looking for the lock or perhaps an aperture

Hello Dears,
As some of you may or may not know, Nathaniel Kiplinger started something called a podcast. Now, from what he told me its basic-ly a form of radio but instead on your computer and pre-recorded. Nathaniel will interview folks about music and tell everyone about up and coming shows and what not.Either way its Nathaniel and everyone loves Nathaniel. So here are his directions if you would like to be a listener of his podcast.

You will need the newest version of itunes, which can be found free at
Once you install it, you can get the podcast for free by
clicking on the 'advanced' menu on the top of the screen
clicking on 'subscribe to podcast'
and then copying this url
and paste it into the box that opens
It will automatically update when a new one comes out

Well there you are, hope to see many of you try this, have a wonderful day, and come to the shows

warmest regards,

11/2/05 08:43 pm - waltz_two_three - Tim I Wish You Were Born a Girl

the evil tennor:a free show*
saturday, november 5th

free w/fruit
$1 w/o

6:15-Addison Avenue
7:00-Marty Shafer and the blue suede shoes
7:45-Edmund Fitzgerald Cold Water Burial
8:30-Left Light Out
10:00-Red Eye Flight

the agrypnia lets me live longer,

10/19/05 09:51 pm - waltz_two_three - Watch like nobodies dancing

mail call:a free show*
Saturday october 22nd

*free w/ any patch

6:15-Act Fast
7:00-Marty Shafer and the blue suede shoes
7:45-the Ed love Program
8:30-Wagner Stevens the merman
9:15-Disguise, Disguise
10:00-The Guava Players

(let us know if its too cold and we'll try to remove some of the cold air)

austing eyelash heirmanna

nicely done.

9/29/05 08:00 pm - waltz_two_three - The Enviro-Show's: Part One!

The Enviro Show; one of many to come

Saturday, October 8th.

$4.00 Entrance fee, Proceeds to benefit the Oxford Environmental Club
Concessions available($.50 pop and $.50 pizza slice)

Venue: 745 N. Oxford Rd.-Oxford High School,(not at the birdcage)

7:00-The Satin Peaches
8:30-The Redliners
9:15-The Guava Players
10:00-Vince Dynamic
"bands may change"

Go to
for directions

9/6/05 08:27 pm - waltz_two_three - The Blizzard of 1926'

Applause Applause Applause!

On another note:
Cheap As Free: a free show*
Saturday, September 10th

5:30-Bucket of Blood (gothic cello)
6:15-ASilentDiscription (Rock/Emo)
7:00-From Now Till Never(Hardcore/Metalcore)
7:45-Midtown Junction (Blues/Rock)
8:30-Braed (Acoustic)
9:15-The Go Like Hell Machine(Electronica)

Show ends early, no 10:00 band, Vanilla Curve Cancled, sorry!

austin r. heirmann

9/4/05 04:39 am - braed

Hate to be such a whore, but I recorded "Upon this mighty anthill" in my basement in a makeshift recording studio I've set up and stuck it on my pure volume and my space.


Look for more recordings since I'm jobless, I don't drive, and I'm not going to college just yet. So I could spend as much time in my basement as I would desire.

Check it out and tell me what you think, thanks.

8/29/05 08:56 pm - waltz_two_three - Old People In The Cemetery

Hello Dears,
Currently The Standing Birdcage is going through renovation, this does not imply we shall shut down, the next show is still planed for September 10th. But what this means is some items that have been brought to our attention will now be corrected, these may include,

Fixing the dance floor!
Winterizing the barn
Painting over the vulgar words and pictures
General cleaning: Sweep, clean furniture, garbage, organization.
Fixing of the lumpy stage
And finally making everything shinny and pretty

So those are some of our ideas for the birdcage and we would love to hear some of yours, anything at all that has ever disturbed you in anyway, just let us know about it and we will do our best to fix it. Also on September 7th there will be a large cleaning party at the birdcage, anyone who has the desire and time to give us a hand in our large cleaning activity, we would be most appreciated if you came,
Thank you all for your time, more info to come soon

Best wishes,
austin r. heirmann
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