austin (waltz_two_three) wrote in xthexbirdcagex,

...we've been asleep for so very long..

Ladies and Gentlemen,
a show soon..
February 11th Enviro-Show at Oxford High School.
Hopefully featuring,
the berlin airlift, the redliners, braed, the guava players, one more to be announced.
six o'clock till ten o'clockish.
$1.00 admission, food+drinks available for purchase(idealy $1).
All of this is still pending, don't be to excited till you see the flyers.
We have returned from our winter sleep and will re-joyce with dancing and shows.

more details to come soon. looking forward to seeing you all again, much love, to much.


p.s. rumor of a show Feb 18 at home(the standing birdcage).
p.p.s. a V.D. show
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