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The Standing Birdcage

Rock Music Theatre

11/10/06 03:51 am - eastontracks - punk show of the century tomorrow!!!

4/24/06 12:34 am - eastontracks

5/2/06 01:56 am - braed

Haven't gotten your Howl(Noah)/Braed mix lately?
Come up to Jimz Jamz on friday from 7-9 to come see us plus the motorollas do your favorite tunes.

You'd better goddamn be there. Ireland isn't a excuse.

-Braed and Noah.

x-posted in my journal.

3/25/06 02:16 pm - goodisonrock - New music form Goodison

Two songs from our upcoming EP The First Front Line are now available on Myspace and Purevolume. Please check them out when you get a chance.



3/16/06 02:40 pm - braed

Babies and Gentlemen,
There will be a show held at the new CD/music store in downtown oxford "jimz jamz" (It's next to the cowboy store if any of you know where that is or shop there).
It'll be me (Braed) and Howl (Noah and some other jocks) playing at 7:00pm to 8:00pm. Some other people might be playing, but no one really knows.
After that go to the oxford talent show and watch Austins band. I'll even give you a ride over there if you're unsure about it.
Hell, I'll give you a ride to both.

Hope to see you there.

2/13/06 08:16 pm - waltz_two_three - nothing can come from nothing

Frank's Birthday Show: a $1 show
Saturday,February 25th at The Standing Birdcage

5:30 - Abaddon
6:15 - Paradox
7:00 - Life Management
7:45 - Kiss
8:30 - Edmund Fitzgerald Cold Water Burial
9:15 - Wagner Stevens
10:00 - Disguise Disguise

bring presents and lady's for Frank, Birdcage's two-year anniversary, hope to see smiles.


2/9/06 09:59 pm - waltz_two_three - such a late notice will go unnoticed

A Show!
The Enviro-Show: a $4 Show
Saturday February 11th
in the Oxford High School Theater Room

6:00- The Berlin Airlift
6:45- The Redliners
7:30- The Guava Players
8:15- Braed
9:00- Hot Dogz(ex members of Sailing the Downpour)

Pizza + Water for purchase.

first show of the new year, first show at birdcage on the 25th, more to come.
hope to see you all there,sorry for such a high price.

a.r. hernamm

p.s. does this live journal thing still spread information as it used to? I may just be asking the walls though..

1/30/06 08:53 pm - waltz_two_three - ...we've been asleep for so very long..

Ladies and Gentlemen,
a show soon..
February 11th Enviro-Show at Oxford High School.
Hopefully featuring,
the berlin airlift, the redliners, braed, the guava players, one more to be announced.
six o'clock till ten o'clockish.
$1.00 admission, food+drinks available for purchase(idealy $1).
All of this is still pending, don't be to excited till you see the flyers.
We have returned from our winter sleep and will re-joyce with dancing and shows.

more details to come soon. looking forward to seeing you all again, much love, to much.


p.s. rumor of a show Feb 18 at home(the standing birdcage).
p.p.s. a V.D. show

12/10/05 01:37 pm - braed


11/26/05 01:48 am - eastontracks - $1 Show

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